Ubuntu – Samsung Series 5 overheating


I bought a Samsung Series 5 Ultra 2 weeks ago and installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. I am experiencing problems with overheating. When streaming, watching a movie or when having several programms/actions going on at the same time the CPU temperature rises to 95 degrees and the computer freezes. This happens sometimes when the computer is on battery and always when it is recharging. When I am using the computer on battery the CPU temperature is floating from around 75-95 degrees depending what it's doing. When the battery is recharging the CPU temperature is ranging from 88-95 degrees no matter what tasks it performs.

Have anyone experienced this and how may the problem be solved?

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Best Answer

You should consider installing jupiter

You can select power modes with it, it's very easy to control, just set it to power on command, you wont notice that your laptop is on, until you start using heavy apps. Plus it will stay way cooler.

open terminal and do this:

add the repository

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/jupiter


sudo apt-get update

install jupiter

sudo apt-get install jupiter

and to other people reading this and are using an Asus EEPC netbook, install this asswell

sudo apt-get install jupiter-support-eee

Have a nice day :)