Ubuntu – SATA Drive is not detected when hotswapping

16.04ahcihard drive

So from what I've read online, if AHCI is enabled in the BIOS, I should be able to hot-swap a SATA drive and it will supposedly "just work".

However, that has not been my experience.

When I hot-swap a SATA drive on my system, it is never detected. It doesn't show up in lsblk, it doesn't show up in Gparted, nothing even shows in dmesg.

So, I am wondering what the issue is?

I am using 16.04 on an Asus M5A97 R2.0

Edit to address Takkat's suggestion:

I have no such option:

enter image description here

Best Answer

  • SATA hot plugging needs to be allowed with a setting in some BIOSes. The names of this may differ, ranging from allow hot-plug to eSATA.

    For the ASUS M5A97 the relevant BIOS setting is in Advanced > SATA Configuration > SB SATA Configuration:

    SATA Hot Plug on Port1~6 [Disabled]
    These items appear only when you set SATA Port1 - Port6 to [AHCI] and allow you to enable or disable the SATA port hot-plug support.

    This entry needs to be set to "Enabled" to allow SATA hot-plugging.