Ubuntu – Screen Brightness not Changing on Dell XPS 7590


After installing Ubuntu 18.04 LTS a new Dell XPS 7590 laptop with OLED display, the brightness is stuck at the highest point (the Fn+F11 or F12 commands show that the brightness is being changed, but no brightness change occurs).

I have tried many suggestions from the web, but all failed; e.g., changing the acpi_backlight parameter values in /etc/default/grub, creating an xbacklightmon file, or installing brightness controller.

Is there any way that the brightness could be changed?

Best Answer

I recommend using the ICC Brightness tool, which worked well for my Dell 7590 with OLED screen. It requires compiling and installing a small utility, but it works well.

Full instructions can be found at https://github.com/udifuchs/icc-brightness but here is a summary.

$ sudo apt install git liblcms2-dev
$ mkdir ~/git
$ cd ~/git
$ git clone https://github.com/udifuchs/icc-brightness
$ cd icc-brightness
$ make
$ sudo make install

After a reboot your brightness keys should now work. Be careful not to use this in conjuction with the xrandr solutions as they don't play nicely together.