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I'm currently on 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) and I can't seem to get any notifications to show unless they're sent with the urgency set to critical, like so:

notify-send -u critical "IRC" "This is a critical IRC notification

unlike this, which doesn't work:

notify-send -u normal "IRC" "This is a normal IRC notification"

I'm using this as a test to troubleshoot irssi-libnotify, which is sending the notifications to the server correctly, but they aren't being shown because they're normal-urgency. I would rather not modify the python script as a work around, since this might be an issue for future packages.

Best Answer

  • The correct syntax is

    notify-send [OPTIONS] <summary> [body]


    notify-send -u normal "Hello World" "Have a nice day"

    Have a look at man notify-send

    If you want to use an other library (in your case irssi-libnotify) and there is a bug, create an issue on GitHub.


    notify-send -u critical "IRC" "This is a critical IRC notification"

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