Ubuntu – Setting to protect gnome-terminal from key logging


Looks like it is easy to log keystrokes of all processes of the same user. A basic keylogger is 'xinput'.

xinput test-xi2

The command generates log of all key-presses. Unfortunately, this includes passwords in gnome-terminal. Googling suggested that grabbing keyboard may prevent other windows from capturing key strokes.

Is there a way to prevent XI2 logging in gnome-terminal? Or is there an X terminal that has this feature?

Best Answer

It's not possible as any keystrokes passed on to the X server, will be available for xinput/any arbitrary program. (In fact, it's part of the design). New display servers like Wayland and Mir are fixing such security problems in X. The only real solution would be to use Wayland or Mir instead of X. This blog post details this issue.