Ubuntu – Setting up programs to startup at login


Have a new ponder hoping someone can answer. Keep in mind I am very new at linux and Ubuntu 14.04. What I would like to setup is setting certain programs to load at login to my account. I have not found a startup folder or setup options for programs to load at startup. Any Ideas?

Please remember I am very new to linux and Ubuntu desktop. I am still learning my way around and the code for terminal sessions. So please be very descriptive in responses. Thank you…

Best Answer

  • As you you say you're very new to Unix alike, so I'd give you a simple hint using GUI press Superkey or go directly to Dash on Launcher and type: Startup Applications launch the appropriate icon. When it's opened looks like this:

    enter image description here

    click Add then Browse and choose the path in a line command to an app you'd like to startup, by default they go to /usr/bin/ for example for psensor it be /usr/bin/psensor choose and press Add you can also name it your way.