Ubuntu – setup Remmina for remote desktop connection


I have two computers running Ubuntu and have Remmina installed. I want 'How to' to setup both computer so that one computer can take remote desktop of other.

Best Answer

  • In order to be able to use Remmina, you need first to activate certain options of the "Desktop Sharing" screen (Dash -> Desktop Sharing) on both computers:

    enter image description here

    On the Desktop Sharing Preferences:

    • Activate the option "Allow other users to view your desktop"
    • Activate the option "Allow other users to control your desktop"

    For security's sake, also:

    • Activate the option "You must confirm each access to this machine"
    • Activate the option "Require the user to enter this password" and provide a password

    Once the configuration is done, you can simply open Remmina, create a new connection and specify the connection to the other computer using VNC (virtual network computing) protocol and using the password you used in the "Desktop Sharing" screen. Hint: You can ignore the field "user".