Ubuntu – Sharing Printer with CUPS


I'm on Ubuntu server 10.10 and I need to connect a HP Laserjet printer via USB and share it to the LAN.
I followed some tutorial on the internet to install the HPLIP drivers and configuring CUPS. I have access to the web interface of the server and printing the test page works like a charm.

I can also edit all the default printer options, viewing the queue and so on.

The only thing that I can't do is installing and find the printer from other clients on same the LAN. I tried it with Windows 7's default searching and nothing appears, I tried to install a new TCP/IP port with the server's IP address and add the printer's driver manually but didn't work either.

What I have to do or check to get this to work? The only problem is that the printer isn't visible on the LAN but it's correctly installed on the Ubuntu server.

Best Answer

  • Do you have a GUI desktop environment installed? You should be able to run /usr/share/system-config-printer/system-config-printer.py and enable sharing connected printers, then on other computers enable show shared printers.

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