Ubuntu – Should I use btrfs or Ext4 for the SSD


Should I use btrfs (with discard, compress=lzo and space_cache options) or Ext4 (with discard option) for the SSD for my Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric) amd64 desktop root partition of my office machine?

/home will be an HDD so fs reliability affects OS not my data.

Best Answer

According to the tests by phoronix it always depends on many factors. In one case Btrfs will be doing much better than EXT4 when reading large files on an SSD. Similarly while considering Disk transaction performance, Ext4 can perform better than the later.

You can have a look through these tests here, here and here (WARNING: Lengthy articles).

But summing altogether, Btrfs right now does not have a quantitative performance advantage over the EXT4 file-system, Even when using in the SSD mode.

So you can choose over Ext4 for now.