Ubuntu – Snap (snapd) hello-world example not working (path not found?)


I just tried to used snap for the first time and followed the tutorial Getting started | Snapcraft documentation.

I installed the hello world example sudo snap install hello but the hello command is not found. I noticed that the command is in /snap/bin but it seems that it missed it's way to my PATH.

When I installed snap (sudo apt install snapd) I got some error message the first time, but on the 2nd try it worked. (Removing and installing snapd did also not help.)

Do I have to add the path manually?

Any idea?


  • the shout irc web app did work immediately

Best Answer

If you've just installed snapd, try starting a fresh terminal window to pick up the new $PATH. You'll only need to do this once.

If your shell doesn't read from /etc/profile.d you'll need to add PATH=$PATH:/snap/bin to your shell configuration (e.g. ~/.zshrc for zsh)

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