Ubuntu – Snaps, 20.04 and Persistent USB


I have noticed that with 20.04, casper-rw / writable, Persistent files and partitions are filling up very quickly. Once full the USB does not boot.

Today I had a look and saw that /casper-rw/upper/var/lib/snapd/snaps is 456.5 MB, and I had not even connected to the Internet yet.

This is not good for people who use small utility flash drives.

The snaps files in casper-rw are a duplicate of those already found in Filesystem. I believe on previous versions of Ubuntu only new files and data went into the casper-rw overlay.

I am wondering if this is a Bug that I should report or if this serves a necessary purpose or if there is a simple workaround?


I see that in Software and Updates That: "Snap package updates are checked routinely and installed automatically"

This might be a good feature on installed systems but should at least have an opt out option for persistent drives.