Ubuntu – Software purchases & accounts issue


I have installed 13.10 on a new computer and want to tranfer my purchase (Braid) there.

I have read this page about how to do this.

However, when I log in to https://software-center.ubuntu.com/subscriptions, nothing appears. My guess is that when I purchased this game, I used an older email address than the one I am currently using.

Ideally I would like to be able to transfer this purchase to my current ubuntu one account. Or, if this is not possible, at least to have a chance to know with which account this purchase has been done so I can have a try to reinstall it somewhere else.

NB: In the Ubuntu Software Center on my older computer the game is still there and marked as "already purchased".


This is not an upgrade issue, as my old computer has not been upgraded to 13.10, and my newer computer is, well, new, 13.10 being its first OS. Note that I don't see my purchases on the software center web site on my old as well as my new computer, which makes sense.

Best Answer

  • Check your software sources, the Other Software tab....I noticed the upgrade unchecked the entries there for my purchases. Check there and re-check the boxes. Maybe that will do it.

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