Ubuntu – Software & updates shows intel 8265 / 8275 wireless driver not working: don’t use device or contnue using a manually installed driver?


I have recently upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 on my Matebook X Pro running an Intel 8265 / 8275 wireless card. The wifi is working fine on my device, a little slow. However, when I go into the Additional Drivers tab in Software & Updates. It says that the wireless device is not working and gives me three options only two of which I can select Do not use the device or continue using a manually installed driver.

Is there anything I need to be fixing since it says the device is not working?

Thanks for the help!

Best Answer

  • If your wireless is working, there is no need at all to "fix" it. Here are some additional comments: https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2441173&highlight=additional+drivers

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