Ubuntu – Spectre/Meltdown: Make 100% sure to never get any Security Updates


My browser crashes every 2 minutes.

How can I make sure in Ubuntu to turn off any Security updates? 100% sure?

Best Answer

4.14.13 kernels and newer should have the fixes built into them. They may work better then the patched older kernels.

Download the headers and kernel from Ubuntu's mainline daily builds.

For 64-bit:

For 32-bit:

Then, use dpkg to install headers-all, headers-generic, then the kernel. The dpkg command is in the form of sudo dpkg -i <file name>. For example:

sudo dpkg -i linux-image-4.14.13-041413-generic_4.14.13-041413.201801101001_i386.deb

In the terminal you can use tab to complete file names after typing enough characters to identify the file. I.e. linux-i and linux-h should be enough for the autocomplete to work.

Then reboot your system. Do not remove your old kernel until you are confident the new one is working satisfactorily. Personally I keep one old kernel for emergency fall back.

Note: If you are not using an X86 or X86_64 architecture, other kernel debs and source code can be found here: v4.14.13 mainline build

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