Ubuntu – Splitting a PDF page in two


I have a PDF file that was the result of the scan of a book.

In this file 2 pages of the book correspond to 1 in the PDF. So when I see a page in the PDF file I'm actually seeing 2 pages of the book.

enter image description here


I would like to know if there's any way to convert this file to another PDF where 1 page of the book corresponds to 1 page of the PDF i.e. the normal situation.

Best Answer

Try Gscan2pdf, which you can download from the Software Centre or which you can install from command line sudo apt-get install gscan2pdf.

Open Gscan2Pdf:

  1. file > import your PDF file;


    Now you have a single page (see the left column):


  2. then tools > Clean up;

    clean up

  3. select double as layout and #output pages as 2, then click OK;


  4. Gscan2pdf splits your document (among other things, it will also clean it up and deskew it etc.) Now you have two pages:


  5. Save your PDF file if you're satisfied with the result.