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I followed some online instructions for installing StarCraft II from Installing StarCraft II on Ubuntu 14.04 and then it was trying to download eurofixi.exe from an FTP site and not getting any response and having to repeat itself over and over with no success.

The game seems to have downloaded, but there's no executable file to run with Wine.

When I try to redownload the game to play it on Ubuntu 14.04, it gives me the option press play, and when I do this it loads the game in part, asks me to login to Battle.net (not giving me the option to play offline) and then goes pear-shaped.

In the last paragraph in the Installing StarCraft II on Ubuntu 14.04 tutorial it said.

If you encounter any other issues, check out the blog posts I mentioned previously for some tips. If those don't help you and Google fails you, head over to Ask Ubuntu and try to find help there.

Best Answer

StarCraft II can also be installed with another alternative method using the PlayOnLinux application from the default Ubuntu repositories.

There is a PlayOnLinux installer script for StarCraft II at the PlayOnLinux website. Click the arrow next to the Source code heading to unfold the source code of the PlayOnLinux installer script for StarCraft II.

Visit the Create a script for PlayOnLinux - Chapter 1: Getting to know Bash for instructions about how to run a PlayOnLinux installer script, including screenshots.

Executing your script

Save your script in gedit, right-click the script and select Properties -> Permissions tab -> put a check mark in the checkbox to the left of where it says Allow executing file as program, and then use the function Run a local script from the Tools menu of PlayOnLinux.

There is also a newer version of the PlayOnLinux installer script for StarCraft II that uses Wine 1.7 that is available on the same website. This update "fixes Battle.net crash and has better quality in-game". Wine 1.7 is not in the repositories for Ubuntu 14.04, however Wine 1.7 can be installed by adding this Launchpad PPA: ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa to your software sources using the instructions found at that link. The version of Wine for Ubuntu 14.04 from this PPA is up-to-date enough (Wine 1.7.55) that the newer version of the PlayOnLinux installer script for StarCraft II can be used with it.


In all currently supported versions of Ubuntu Wine>=1.7 is provided by the wine-development package. To install it open the terminal and type:

sudo apt install wine-development # installs Wine 4 in 19.04+ 

In Ubuntu 18.04 and later Wine can also be installed by installing the wine-stable package.

sudo apt install wine-stable # installs Wine 3 in 18.04
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