Ubuntu – Subtitle editor for 16.04


I normally get English subs for certain movies. I want to translate them to my regional language. Is there any subtitle editor for 16.04 using which I can open an .srt file and edit it to replace English text to that of my choice ?

In short, I am looking a program which can open .srt files as text and allows editing the text and saving them

PS : I am using Unity 7

Best Answer

  • I have not used them, but here are programs available on Ubuntu that can edit .srt files:

    • Gaupol
    • Gnome Subtitles
    • Subtitle Editor
    • Subtitle Composer (for KDE)

    You can install them with the following commands:

    • sudo apt install gaupol
    • sudo apt install gnome-subtitles
    • sudo apt install subtitleeditor
    • sudo apt install subtitlecomposer
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