Ubuntu – Taking screenshots in Lubuntu (11.10)


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Print Screen key doesn't work if a drop-down menu is active

As you know, by pushing PrintScreen button on the keyboard, a screen-shot of desktop will be saved on your home folder, but why it doesn't work when I open a menu?

For example, when I open LXDE menu and then pressing PrintScreen, nothing happen. Neither when menus such as File, Edit, View and etc. are open.

Best Answer

The quick way to take a screenshot on Lubuntu is simply hitting the PrtSc button. It saves your file to your home folder.

The software mentioned below, Kgrab, and Ksnapshot, bothe were installed from the Lubuntu Software Center. Meanwhile, mtPaint was available by default under the Graphics menu.

enter image description here

However, certain actions can't be captured using the PrtSc button. Sometimes a time delay is required in order to begin a specific function. I use Kgrab

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

or Ksnapshot

enter image description here

As you can see both have the options to choose full screen, wndows, etc.., and both have time delay.

You can use mtPaint. It comes default on Lubuntu. In the menu, there's a timedelayed screenshot option. Not as easy as the above, but it will do the job.