Ubuntu – text editor for the command line that uses the same keys as Notepad on Windows

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I'm used to work in Windows environment and are used to the commands in Notepad e.g. CtrlS for save, CtrlC for copy and so on.

On Ubuntu it's handy to work directly in the command line, e.g. as with vi mytextfile.txt.

I would like to use a text editor that I can use in the Terminal but with the same key commands as Notepad on Windows. Is there any text editor with "Notepad commands" for Ubuntu command line?

Best Answer

Try Minimum Profit (mped). It's listed in Synaptic

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enter image description here

I just checked, and latest Synaptic version does not seem to accept command line option -tx - which is switch for text mode, and it's launched as GTK by default.
In text terminals (Ctrl+Alt+F[1-6]) it's launched in text mode, but in Gnome terminal there doesn't seem to be switch for text mode

If this is true than you can download older version (hardy) or build latest version with ncursesw