Ubuntu – The best way to clone a disk


My guess is that dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=4096 will work out well for me. I have some concerns though:

  • What is the ideal bs size?
  • Is it advisable to use a live cd? I simply don't want to include running applications, temp files and other useless files in my clone.
  • How much size should the destination be? I hope this will not as be as big as the source.
  • How to restore the clone (from the removal disk) back to the laptop?

Any help is appreciated.

Best Answer

  • bs stands for block size. which mean size of block taken by the dd command. Ideal bs refers to your file system files.as u make bs larger as you move faster in cloning.

    and yes it's better to use a live CD to not clone those temp and other unneeded files

    The size of the destination must be the same or bigger (you can still clone to smaller hdd but it need much more configuration and fixing issues you'll face)

    To restore the clone easily reuse the dd tool again. now the laptop hdd will be the destination

    To clone to smaller hard disk refer to How to clone to a smaller harddisk?

    Out of dd you can use clonezilla which is a great application for cloning. download the iso file and use it as live CD . It will be much easier for newbies to try