Ubuntu – The current state of apple device (iPhone, iPod, etc.) support


  1. What ubuntu applications provide support? (guides, how to's, status)
  2. Also, specifically, details on support for syncing music to iPhone's and iPod's with the latest OS version:

    • Can you sync music to apple devices using >iOS4? (iPhone & iPod)
    • What applications allow you to do this and how? (guides, how to's, status)

What has already been established is:

  • Apple does not support Linux and has no plans to.
  • libimobiledevice provides some support, however it currently does not support music/video synchronization with devices >iOS4. Go to libimobiledevice and scroll to the section titled "Status" to see if your device version is supported.

Best Answer

  • This a constantly moving target. If you find a tool that works, Apple breaks it in a 'security update' (they sometimes use the term subjectively). For some iPods, try replacing the firmware with Rockbox. For iPhones stick with Windows or a Mac, or try setting up a Windows guest OS with VirtualBox in Ubuntu.

    Apple will never allow this kind of interoperability to happen, long-term. You are going to have to accept their rules for their devices, or find a device that you can root and load with alternate firmware.

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