Ubuntu – The default call of keyboard shortcuts in GNOME


I am trying to find what is being called when I press a keyboard shortcut. For example, if I hit Ctrl + Alt + L I block the screen, or when I hit the "mute" key in my keyboard I mute the sound. I can't find where those bindings are stored.

I have found the list of bindings in /usr/share/gnome-control-center/keybindings, but I don't see there the effect of the key, just that it is a shortcut.
I am not looking for the window where the shortcuts are listed (1) but I want what the shortcuts are calling.

For example, if I create a new shortcut, which executes a shell script, it's easy to see what it is calling, just clicking on the name (in the said window 1), but if it's a default shortcut, clicking on the name disables the shortcut, so I want to know what the shortcut executes when it's activated.

I'm using Gnome Shell (not Unity) in Ubuntu 12.04

Best Answer

  • If you have a windows key on your computer hold that down for a couple seconds. hope that helps :P