Ubuntu – The default root password


I installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin), 64 bit. Nowhere was I asked to set password for root.

I just installed AccuRev SCM software. It was installed under the /root folder by default. Now I try do something on that folder. I tried with su to switch to root, but I don't know its password.

Should I always use sudo or get the default root password, if any?

How do I create a launcher for software installed inside the /root directory?

Best Answer

  • By default, the root account is accessed by sudo.

    For a complete discussion in the topic, and information for how to set a root password, see: RootSudo - Community Ubuntu Documentation

    With that said, it is extremely unlikely you need to set a root password, I advise you use

    sudo -i

    Or for graphical applications, use gksu

    gksu nautilus 
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