Ubuntu – the install routine for Common Lisp/ SLIME/SBCL/Quicklisp on Ubuntu


I'd like to install above recommended Common Lisp package. What is the best routine to install it on Ubuntu?

Best Answer

As I went through the process, I'll sumarize the complete install routine for above recommended Common LISP configuration:

Fire up a terminal:

Install Emacs (IDE):

sudo apt-get install emacs

Install SBCL (Compiler):

sudo apt-get install sbcl

Install Quicklisp (Quicklisp is a library manager for Common Lisp.)

This is done by copy-and-pasting all bold commands in the grey box here: https://www.quicklisp.org/

Install SLIME by using Qucklisp: In the terminal run SBCL:


(ql:quickload "quicklisp-slime-helper")


SBCL will warn you about having to edit your ~/.emacs file. Do not ignore it

Now inside Emacs to start SLIME type:

M-x slime

Which is Alt+x slime.

Now you're ready to play with LISP.

Some useful Emacs packages (plugins for Emacs) that were recommended to me are: Paredit, auto-complete and smartparens

Hope this is of help for anyone.