Ubuntu – the latest version of Ubuntu 14.04 on which fglrx for AMD can be installed


I have an AMD Radeon HD 8730M graphics card. After some online research, I found out that fglrx(proprietary driver from AMD) is not supported on Ubuntu 14.04.5 and Ubuntu 16.04. I have also come to know that Xorg server does not support fglrx from version 1.18 onwards.
I would like to know the latest version of Ubuntu 14.04 (and also the latest kernel version) which I can install and be able to use fglrx driver.
Will fglrx work if I just install Ubuntu 14.04.5 and downgrade Xorg to version 1.16?

Best Answer

  • A guaranteed way is to install 14.04, or 14.04.1.

    Other HWE stacks for 14.04 will not get updates, except the xenial one, that is no good for fglrx.

    The original 14.04 will be supported till April 2019.

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