Ubuntu – The network printer will only print blank pages and will not stop. How to do


I work in a library, so we have a Ricoh printer that is networked between all of us. I just recently installed Ubuntu 11.10 64bit on my desktop and have been trying to set up the printer without success. Ubuntu found the printer immediately and allowed me to set it up. When I hit test print, I get one sheet with writing on it and then it prints blank pages and will not stop until I turn off the printer. I tried printing from a document and I get the same one page with writing and then all the blank pages again. Below is what the page says with writing on it. I'd appreciate any help anyone is willing to give. Thanks.

%% %%
() () (bunch of numbers) {setuserinfo} stopped

Best Answer

  • Looks like you-re sending postscript directly to the printer, which may not understand it, that's why it spits blank pages.

    Please double-check that you're using the correct driver for the printer; the driver is responsible for translating whatever applications send (most commonly, postscript) to something the printer can understand, so the behavior you describe suggests that you picked the wrong driver.

    To see which driver you're using:

    1. Open the "Printing" control panel
    2. Right-click on your printer and select "Properties".
    3. On the first tab (Settings), look at "Make and Model".
    4. If you need to change it, press the "Change" button next to the field.
    5. Select your printer model (or something as close to it as possible) from the list.
    6. Test to see if it's working correctly.
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