Ubuntu – The new software center in Ubuntu 16.04 shows no application data found

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Ubuntu Software error This is the error I get when I open the software center. I've tried rebooting and running sudo apt-get update but I see no improvement. It worked earlier but I don't know what went wrong since then. I'm using Ubuntu 16.04 final release on a Dell Inspiron 15R. Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: The problem magically solved itself without me doing anything special (or maybe inadvertently doing something, I don't know). So I'd still like to get to the root of this.

Best Answer

  • Just had this problem after using bleachbit to cleanup the system on moving from the beta to the official release. Cleaning out all the cache data also blanked out the software center (re:user533424 above).

    It seems to "magically" reappear by anything that regenerates this data. So...

    settings>region languages> ... and changing or reinstalling your current language

    ....also worked for me.