Ubuntu – The numlock light is reversed


When the light is on the pad works, and vica versa. I can't see how to change this, I have tried restarting with the button pressed down while the computer is off, but that didn't work. I suspect my keyboard (a new, ultra slim one) is controlled by a micro chip, not a physical switch.

Best Answer

  • Well, I have observed this issue far too many times. I thought it was my old keyboard, but with the new one: the same problem.

    I work this around by pressing the numlock key so that the numeric pad doesn't type numbers (the light should be off, because it is reversed, as you said), then I just unplug and plug my keyboard: it is back in sync.

    I am still not sure on when does this happens, but I believe it occurs when system is idle for a long time period.

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