Ubuntu – the process gvfsd-smb-browse


That process happened to crash on my system.

Nothing very serious, but as I am curious I tried to get information on it but could not find a quite satisfying answer about what it is and what it does.

All I know is that it is somewhat related to Samba, but nothing more precise.

Anybody has a more precise explanation of what it is ?

Best Answer

I've found something in the GVFS man page that states that it's for browsing windows file shares.

• gvfsd-smb-browse - browses Windows Shares Filesystem volumes

GVFS is the gnome virtual filesystem:

GIO provides a VFS API to GLib applications. It includes a 'local'
implementation using POSIX. gvfs provides implementations that go
beyond that and allow to access files and storage using many protocols,
such as ftp, http, sftp, dav, obexftp, etc. It also provides support
for trash folders, for cd burning and for monitoring interesting
devices and volumes on the computer.

There are several reports of bugs in GVFS which caused 100% cpu usage including this one which is currently open.