Ubuntu – Thunderbird: Show mails from sender – easy and fast


Imagine you read a mail from "Dr. Foo Bar".

Now you want to see all mails send from or to him.

How do you do this?

I only know the complicated way:

  • Ctrlshiftf search for mails in "from" (with annoying typing the mail address again)
  • Ctrlshiftf search for mails in "to"

Why is there not such an entry in the context menu of the mail sender?

Is there no easy to use way to jump from reading a mail from "Dr Foo Bar" to a list of all messages from/to him?


Mails can be stored in different folders. Solutions which only work for one folder won't help me.

Best Answer

To search all emails in all folders, sent to or from a particular email address:

  1. Right click on an email address and select "Copy Email Address"
  2. Right click on the [Search... <Ctrl+K>] box search box location select Paste, then Enter or just type CtrlK, CtrlV, and Enter

However, you might not like Thunderbird's default search results view.

Location of "Open email as list"

If you prefer the view when you click on "Open email as list", shown below

List view

then the best solution is to install a Thunderbird plugin, which will make this the default.

  1. From the menu select Tools > Add-ons
  2. Type "search as" into the search box
  3. Click the install button next to Search as list 3.0
  4. Restart Thunderbird