Ubuntu – Told command dpkg cannot be found


On issuing the command sudo dpkg -i (package name) at chronos@localhost ~ $, I get the response sudo: dpkg: command not found. Anyone know why?

I'm trying to load version 3 of network-manager and three related files to correct a known problem accessing wifi in 12.04 on some Toshiba computers, so Ubuntu is offline.

I've downloaded the four files, but I'm unclear on where they should be stored in order for dpkg -i (package name) to find them. Could I pursue the installation via apt-get if dpkg is actually missing? If so, what would be the correct command syntax?

Best Answer

  • The original poster, Graubart, was able to solve their own problem. The Ubuntu system was being chrooted into from another, non-Ubuntu system. But the dpkg command was accidentally being issued outside of the chroot. By chrooting into the filesystem in which Ubuntu was installed, Graubart was able to run dpkg with no problems.

    Okay, I discovered why I couldn't find dpkg--it's in chroot, and I was in chronos@localhost. Switched to chroot, and there it was! Typical greenhorn error, I suppose.

    Graubart Apr 24 '14 at 3:18

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