Ubuntu – Too many Show Desktop extension icons under GNOME Panel


I used the GNOME extension at Gnome shell "show desktop" shortcut and now see too many desktop buttons. I think I might have tried to install it multiple times, apparently/maybe due to "nothing happening" each time I did so, until I realized later that it will not give any indication it actually installed something. Now I'm left with multiple "buttons" on the Panel next to the Activities navigation link:

enter image description here

This is under Ubuntu 17.10.

How do I remove all of them except for only one?

I do know about the ctrl+alt+d binding but I tend to disable the bindings in the settings, as I need to have all of the Ctrl and Alt key bindings reserved for specific application windows and not "gobbled up" by the X window manager.

Best Answer

  • It seems you have installed an outdated extension which may not work as expected.

    Remove the extension from here and install an updated fork of the extension: