Ubuntu – Torrent magnet links open new window but not transmission


I've installed Ubuntu and Lubuntu a few times now and some of those times I've had the following problem, which I currently have. When I click a torrent magnet link in Chrome (usually from Pirate bay), instead of opening transmission, the only thing that happens is a new Chrome window opens.

Upon other installations, I've not had this problem; transmission opened just as I'd like.

I've tried using Chrome's extension .torrent to Transmission, but I get the error

unable to contact http ://localhost:9091/transmission/rpc

no response

Best Answer

If you want to use torrent to transmission, you have to allow remote access in transmission under preferences/remote.

If you want to open magnet links in transmission by clicking on them, you need to patch the /usr/bin/xdg-open script, here's mine for reference. The added lines are 311 and 490-493.