Ubuntu – Tortoisehg doesn’t show up in nautilus context menu


I just installed ubuntu 11.10 on my netbook yesterday. I am having a problem getting tortoisehg working properly on it. I added the ppa for both tortoisehg and mercurial. I am able to install the software (tortoisehg, tortoisehg-nautilus) as I have done in past versions of ubuntu (not 11.04 – I skipped that version). When I launch nautilus and navigate to one of my repositories I don't see any context menu options for tortoisehg and I don't see any overlay icons indicating the repository status. I know tortoisehg is installed because I can issue the thg command at a terminal and the workbench shows up.

Any ideas on how to get things working?

Best Answer

It seems to relate to bug #859104: Nautilus extensions written in Python do not work in Oneiric. Unfortunately the solution seems to be that someone needs to rewrite the tortoisehg Nautilus extension.