Ubuntu – Trash on NTFS for multiple users: Why does Dolphin succeed where Nautilus fails


I am trying to set up the ability for multiple users to use the Trash on a NTFS drive.

The main solution proposed on the forums consists into enabling a single user to use the Trash. That is made by adding the option uid=1000,gid=1000 into /etc/fstab.

Example fstab entry:
UUID=0A046CF41C7164C6 /media/Data ntfs defaults,uid=1000,gid=1000 0 0

But this only allows the original user, with id=1000, to use the Trash. The other users do not have access to it.

A proposed solution for multiple users is to inherit properties from windows. I tried this but I could not make it work.

But I then notice that this may not have anything to do with the way the NTFS drive is mounted:

  • Deleting from Nautilus displays the message "Impossible to move the file to Trash"
  • Deleting from Dolphin displays… nothing. And the file is moved to Trash.

But I do not wish to use Dolphin.

So here is my question:
Would it be possible to stop messing around with fstab and just configure Nautilus correctly? Or does anybody have a simple/working solution to solve this problem?

Note: I am running Ubuntu 11.10 on a 64bits system.

Thanks a lot for your help!

edit: And I notice too that Thunar, XFCE File Manager, can also put files to trash without any trouble. So what's up with Nautilus?

Best Answer

From what is see in NTFS-3G page, under the section "Allowing Group/User" dmask entry may be the key.

From that page-

You can also tell /etc/fstab (the NTFS-3G driver) other options like those who are allowed to access (read) the partition. For example, for you to allow people in the users group to have access:

/dev/<NTFS-part>  /mnt/windows  ntfs-3g   gid=users,umask=0022    0       0

By default, the ntfs-3g driver enable write support for root only. To enable user writing, use the dmask parameter to enable user writing:

/dev/<NTFS-part>  /mnt/windows  ntfs-3g   gid=users,fmask=113,dmask=002    0       0