Ubuntu – Triple Boot Windows , Windows 8 and Ubuntu 11.10 with Grub

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I have Windows 7 and Ubuntu 11.10 installed. If I wanted to install Windows 8 and triple boot with Grub running the show, how difficult would it be? Installing another OS is the easy part. It's the configuring Grub I am clueless about.

Any thoughts (and directions!) would be appreciated.

Best Answer

  • Win8 will likely override GRUB so it won't be possible to boot into Ubuntu. Keep Ubuntu LiveCD handy :) The process will include booting from the LiveCD after installing Windows and then using one of the methods of restoring GRUB described here

    After you make your Ubuntu bootable again, you run update-grub to regenerate the config - after this the new Windows install should appear in the boot menu. If it doesn't then you'll need to edit the config manually following the instructions at the link above.