Ubuntu – Trouble Installing Lubuntu 18.04


I'm trying to install Lubuntu 18.04 with Unibootin. When I boot into the installation, I got a message that says

Unable to boot. Please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU. 

How can I troubleshoot this problem?

Best Answer

    1. Downloading the Ubuntu ISO is from this weblink; Ubuntu 'flavours' with alternate desktop environments, are downloaded from here.

      However, if you have a 32-bit CPU you must use

      instead of any of the later releases. The 32-bit Network Installer for Ubuntu 19.10 has been withdrawn, but the 32-bit Network Installer for Ubuntu 18.04 is still available.

    2. Once the ISO file downloaded, verify it arrived with no corruption following these steps.

    3. Installation, as per Canonical, Ubuntu's publishers, is typically done on another Linux PC with Startup Disk Creator or on a Windows PC using the Open Source Windows app Rufus, not with Unibootin (sic) or Unetbootin.

    4. Once you make a LiveUSB, install it following these steps.