Ubuntu – Trouble installing lubuntu desktop (17.04) on VM VirtualBox


(NOTE) I do not think this is a problem with VM VirtualBox, Previously I have installed Ubuntu server 17.04 and Ubuntu desktop 17.04 on it (both 32-bit). Ubuntu desktop was slow and unstable (random crashes) so I that is why I am trying to install Lubuntu 17.04 desktop 32-bit.

I am trying to install from an .iso file, I am able to get the menu where it says:

Try Lubuntu without installing
install Lubuntu
Test memory
Check disc for defects (BTW have done this, no defects found)

I click install lubuntu.
Then before I can do anything a black screen appears and then boom, this weird distorted screen appears. (This happened when installing Ubuntu 17.04 as well, but I was able use try Ubuntu without installing to get past this).

The problem is I get the same blue screen distortion when I try "Try Lubuntu without installing". So There is no way I can install Lubuntu.

Also note, when I press keys I see weird white lines show up, which I think are characters, so I think it may be a display problem?

I have allocated 1024 MB ram, 48 MB video memory 8 GB.vdi. Here an image of the distorted screen enter image description here

Best Answer

On the Virtualbox site there is an argument about whether this is an Ubuntu or virtualbox problem. However there is a simple workaround.

When you see the garbled screen

  • hit Right Ctrl+F1 (to switch to a console display).
  • switch back to the graphical display, with Right Ctrl+F7.

This should clean up your display.