Ubuntu – Trusty: Caffeine doesn’t appear in panel after update


There were a few ppa updates this morning, one of them was Caffeine.
It was working fine initially, it does show up in the start up applications list but does not show up in the panel.

I tried removing it and installing it but that didn't do anything.
I also figured it could have been my theme and icons, so I set it all to default to no avail.

I think it is Caffeine 2.7, not sure if I was on 2.6 or what. It was an official trusty ppa.

Anyone getting this issue?

I also noticed that Caffeine does function. I have my dim settings at 3 minutes, and when running a YT video in full screen it does not go to screen saver.
And when left idle, it goes to screen saver.

Best Answer

  • The 2.7 release removes the user interface and manual operation. Caffeine is now fully automatic: When the active window is full screen, Caffeine inhibits desktop idleness.

    This has been changed in version 2.8 (released January 15th, 2015), which has:

    • a caffeine program that works as v2.7: desktop idleness is prevented for full screen applications – fully automatic with no UI;
    • a caffeine-indicator program that works as v2.6 and earlier: an icon is shown in the panel that enables/disables desktop idleness;
    • a command caffeinate, that prevents desktop idleness for the duration of a command, e.g. caffeinate steam will prevent the screen saver while steam is running.