Ubuntu – Trying to install iSight webcam; following instructions but “module bcd_pci” not found – Google doesn’t help


I'm a recently convert to Linux.

Running Ubuntu 19.04 on an older Macbook 4.1 or 4.4, white model, September 2008.

It has an iSight camera which is the only thing that didn't work out of the box.

I'm following the instructions at:

Camera not working on Macbook Pro

Everything seems to work fine till the "sudo modprobe -r bcd-pci".

Then I get a "modprobe: FATAL: Module bcd_pci not found".

Google doesn't help and I can't find an explanation on the forums as to why this is happening. I can't get back to using OSX too. This system is limited to 10.7 and things are starting to get outdated/having compatibility issues especially online.

I'm aware my question might be tremendously simple to solve, but I'm really at a loss.

Yeah, I should just buy a new computer and get on with it. Unfortunaly, can't spend that much right now.

I'd be very thankfull if anyone could chime in.

Best Answer

  • I did this a while ago and I did:

    install the firmware tool

    sudo apt-get install isight-firmware-tools

    firmware file


    Extract the firmware file somewhere and when the iSight-firmware-tool is done installing and it opens, go through the process and when it asks for a firmware file, give it the location of the file that you extracted before. Then if all goes well, reboot and boom, iSight.