Ubuntu – Turn off keyboard backlight, Asus laptop (Ubuntu 15.10)


When I boot up my laptop (Asus K501UX) keyboard backlight is turned on automatically. I want to turn it off by default, when Ubuntu is loaded, without using any hot keys.

sudo find /sys/class/leds/ output:


Best Answer

  • Create a bash-script:

    sudo gedit /usr/sbin/asuskbbloff

    with this content:

    # $KBBL may a directory or a symlink as of ubuntu 16.04
    [ -d $KBBL -o -f $KBBL ] && echo 0 > $KBBL/brightness || echo "$KBBL does not exist!"

    Make it executable:

    sudo chmod 0755 /usr/sbin/asuskbbloff

    Turn on your keyboard backlight and try to switch it off with this command:

    sudo asuskbbloff

    When it worked for you, create an upstart-file:

    sudo gedit /etc/init/asuskbbloff.conf

    with this content:

    # This task is run on startup to turn of
    # keyboard backlight on asus notebooks
    description     "turn of keyboard backlight"
    start on startup
    exec /usr/sbin/asuskbbloff

    Reboot your system for testing.