Ubuntu – Two different versions of GNOME runtime


When I open Ubuntu Software, and check the installed software, I found that there are 2 different versions of GNOME runtime (3.26 and 3.28).

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  1. How to check which one of them is running?
  2. Is it OK to uninstall one of them (the one that is not used)?


  • I am using Ubuntu 18.04
  • gnome-shell --version gives: GNOME Shell 3.28.4

Best Answer

  • The GNOME runtimes contain the GNOME stack and shared libraries that are needed by snap apps (snaps) and their version number may be different than the GNOME Shell version number.

    Due to the nature of snaps, every time there is a new snap update, a new stack and libraries is downloaded. The old ones don't get automatically deleted, but they get disabled. To get a list of your installed snaps, run:

    snap list --all

    You will see that some snaps have a disabled tag. These are snaps that you can safely remove by running:

    snap remove <snap-name> --revision <rev-num>

    where <snap-name> is the name of the app as it shows in the snap list --all command output and <rev-num> is the revision number of the app under the Rev column of snap list --all .

    You may find that versions of both GNOME 3.26 and 3.28 runtimes are enabled. You shouldn't remove them, since they both are needed by your snaps.

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