Ubuntu – Ubuntu 11.10 with Gnome Shell does not logout properly


I am using ubuntu 11.10 and recently installed Gnome Shell over the Unity interface. Gnome was taken from the ubuntu software center. Now, once logged into Gnome Shell, i am unable to logout from it when required. As in, when i select logout from the desktop, it shows a dark grey screen after 2 seconds and then this screen persists till eternity. No matter what key or action i do during this time, the screen persists, and i m forced to hard boot again.

i did not face any issue during logging out from the Unity. this is only with the gnome3 DE. since i am new to Ubuntu, i m finding it hard to resolve on my own.

please let me know where to check, and what to correct, to resolve this logout issue.

Best Answer

  • I had the exact same problem and reported a bug. Since 2012-05-21 this problem is no longer present in my Dell Inspiron n4050 with Ubuntu 11.10 64bit and gnome-shell One of the recent updates must have fixed the issue, so I guess it must have been fixed for you,too.

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