Ubuntu – Ubuntu 12.04 won’t install


I have a problem I have had before. When I create a USB drive to install Ubuntu 12.04 using startup disk creator, it won't work. It doesn't give me any errors, but when I restart the PC to boot into the USB drive (settings are correct in BIOS), I get the option to:
1) Try Live CD
2) Install Ubuntu 12.04
3) Check the disk

I choose option 2 and after that, nothing happens, just black screen no matter how long I wait.

I tried creating the USB using unetbootin, on both Ubuntu 11.10 and Windows 7, but same issue.

I have had this problem installing Ubuntu 11.10 too, but it was solved by creating the USB drive in Linux Mint. But I don't have Mint installed now, so I hope someone knows what the problem could be. Thanks in advance!

Best Answer

  • Try using something like YUMI to put the image on the drive, I've seen similar problems from unetbootin before.

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