Ubuntu – Ubuntu 14.04 64bit locks up after login


Today I installed Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 64-bit. The installation went well with no sign of issues.

On boot everything seems fine until I get to the login screen. After putting in my password and logging in the login screen disappears, however unity never loads and the mouse and keyboard become non-responsive. The only thing on the screen is the background image for the desktop. The only thing I can do at that point is force power down.

Some other possibly relevant info:

  • Computer is a Dell Vostro 3300 with Nvidia Optimus (this laptop model
    came with 2 versions of optimus, mine is the 2nd version that can
    actively switch between discrete/onboard and does not require a
    reboot to do so)
  • Unfortunately Dell did not supply a way to disable Optimus in BIOS on this model.
  • Tried fresh installs from 2 different flash drives and 2 live CDs.
  • No problems with previous installs of 12.04,12.10,13.04 and
  • Reinstalled 13.10 and then upgraded to 14.04 with same results.
  • Can interact with items on login screen with no issues.

Not sure what to try next?

Best Answer

  • Issue resolved.

    To remedy my problem I did the following:

    1. Boot into failsafe graphics mode and login with normal user (or boot to terminal instead)
    2. purge nvidia and bumblebee if installed sudo apt-get purge nvidia* bumblebee*
    3. install nvidia prime sudo apt-get install nvidia-prime
    4. Reboot

    This resolved my issues after a reboot. I was able to login with no issues and verify that both graphics cards are usable and that Nvidia proprietary driver version 331.38 is in use.