Ubuntu – Ubuntu 14.04 FTP restart


We use a dedicated server running Ubuntu 14.04
The FTP service sometimes quits and we need to get it restarted. This means I am stuck a day or to and is unable to work with files on the server www area.

I am not a server guy at all unfortunately (hoping to learn), but when I log on server root with putty I guess I should be able to restart the FTP service somehow as I have root access.

Would anyone take me through the kung-fu required to restart the FTP service ?

I have tried:

service vsftpd restart


vsftpd: unrecognized service


The server was running proftpd so got it restarted with:

service proftpd restart

The reason why FTP stopped once a week is a glitch where the log rotation tries to restart FTP before its stopped completely. Adding a sleep and retry solves this from happening.

Best Answer

Install the package using

sudo apt-get install vsftpd

If you have already installed it, try

sudo apt-get --purge --reinstall install vsftpd