Ubuntu – Ubuntu 14.04 is getting crashed


I am on ubuntu 14.04, I have 8 GB of RAM , Intel Core i5 processor.
after installing ubuntu14.04, I installed eclipse and few more software,
When I restated it, I am not able to see my user account. my user account is gone, the only thing is left is guest account and I have not set any password for guest.
when I click in guest account, the screen turns black and the login screen appears again. I tried multiple times but no result.

This is not the first time.its been third time I have installed ubuntu14.04 within two days and I am facing the same problem again and again.

  1. Is there any problem with ubuntu 14.04?
  2. Should I install other version of ubuntu or other version of linux?
  3. Which is best version of Linux for software development(java web

Best Answer

Your lightdm is corrupt probably. Press Ctrl + Alt + F1 to enter the CLI mode and log into it. you can try sudo dpkg --configure -a
If it doesn't work, sudo apt-get install gdm and set it as your default manager (more of a workaround)