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I have a 500GB hard disk. And I currently have a C: drive containing 80GB, a D: containing 280GB, and a system reserved drive with 349MB. I have free space of 104gb approximately which I emptied for installing ubuntu. When I live boot using my usb ubuntu detects my C and D drive and I think it added the free space with my D drive which appears as 301GB from ubuntu live, and gparted shows free space only 1MB! Gparted does not show any used or free space of any partition which I have. It shows a red alert sign on all the partitions. PLease help me with this I cannot install ubuntu now except for using the windows installer and I don't see install anongside windows 7 option in the setup.

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  • You have a Logical Disk Manager (LDM), aka "dynamic disk," setup. This is a proprietary Windows partitioning system that's applied atop conventional partitions. You can't install Ubuntu to an LDM disk, at least not easily or with the standard tools. Your best bet is to undo the LDM configuration and return to using conventional partitions. Some proprietary Windows programs, such as EaseUS Partition Master and Partition Wizard, are supposed to be able to do this conversion, but I've never used either program, so I can't really vouch for them. Backing up your important data before such a change is a worthwhile precaution.

    In the future, do not use the standard Windows tools to create new partitions; they're known to convert from standard to LDM configuration without warning, and so are quite dangerous in a dual-boot setup. It's OK to use the Windows tools to shrink an existing Windows partition, but don't create anything new in its place; instead, use Linux tools or third-party Windows tools for creating new partitions.

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