Ubuntu – Ubuntu 14.04 OS Keyboard Shortcuts Caught by Programs


I am trying to set alt+a to a keyboard shortcut within system preferences > keyboard shortcuts. I click to the shortcut I want to set so that it says "new accelerator," but hitting alt+a sends me back to the main systems preferences menu. I am seeing this in a number of places, where alt+s will open the history menu of firefox, when instead I want it to run my own keyboard shortcut. I had no problems with setting these things when using 13.10, it seems 14.04 has broken it.

I want to be able to bind whatever key I chose to the shortcut I chose, and override program specific keyboard shortcuts. How can I do this in 14.04?

Best Answer

You can workaround it with dconf-editor.

Go to org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.media-keys and edit manually your keyboard shortcut.

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