Ubuntu – Ubuntu 17.04 Sending/Receiving files by Bluetooth not working


I recently installed Ubuntu 17.04 on my computer and I am a new Linux user.

I activated my Bluetooth and tried to send some pictures from my phone (after connecting the device to the laptop) but it failed.

I tried then sending a picture from my laptop to my phone and it didn't do anything.

I changed the Share Settings and activated the Bluetooth sharing as it is said in the documentation but…

What to do? Thank you

Best Answer

  • From the terminal, run (as normal user)

    systemctl --user start obex

    That worked for me… as it enabled me to send – for example – files to my phone via bluetooth.

    For a fix that works accross reboots, run (as normal user)

    systemctl --user enable obex

    Which creates an according symlink. This is a set-and-forget thing, enabling file transfers permanently so you don't need to start obex every time.

    Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+bug/1645631